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Permits and Licenses

Building Permit (Building,  Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical)
Contractor License Application
Solicitor's Permit 

Dog Licenses
City Ordinance requires dogs to be licensed. Dog owners should get a license within 30 days of:
Acquiring a dog that is over four months old
The dog turning four months old
Moving into the City with the dog
The expiration of a pet license

Fees are $5.00 for neutered/spayed animals, $20.00 for non-neutered/non-spayed animals and late fees apply for tags purchased after 31 of March each year. To obtain a permit please contact the City Clerk's Office.

Cereal Malt Beverage and Alcohol Occupational Tax
Rice County is a dry county and requires a permit for clubs and liquor stores. This license is required for both retail sellers and businesses/restaurants wishing to serve alcohol. For more information on registering with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Department of the Kansas Department of Revenue. For special event permits please contact the City Clerk's Office.
Kansas Liquor License Application and Instructions

It is required to have a Fireworks Permit for Firework Stands or Firework Displays. Please contact the City Clerk's Office

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