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Inner Background

FEMA FIRM Maps and Flood Protection

The City of Lyons area is comprised of two 100-year floodplains. The eastern part of city is in the Salt Creek floodplain, while the western part of the City is in the Surprise Creek floodplain.
Flash-flooding is the general type of flooding caused by Surprise Creek. During a normal flood event, 2-4 inches of rain in a 3-4 hour time period jeopardizes the Creek’s banks and overflows generally to the 2nd Avenue and Sherman subdivision and at Commercial and Miles streets, Lincoln and Clark, Noble and Century Road.
Flooding on the Salt Creek is normally a much slower event, and can be caused by rain north and east of us as it makes its way down the creek for eventual discharge into the Little Cow Creek.
Various floods from both water bodies have hit the City of Lyons during 2007 and 2009. In the 1950’s floodwaters from Salt Creek reached 2’ high on the downtown business fronts. In 2007’s, floods from Salt Creek closed several streets in Lyons.
Information on whether your property is in the 100-year floodplain can be obtained from the City Clerk at City Hall. Maps are available to look at as well as other flood-related information. The City of Lyons also has Elevation Certificates for new development available back to 1990. Contact the City Inspector at (620) 257-2320 for further assistance.

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