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Inner Background

Utilities Department

Ron Blanton

Utility Superintendent 

Ron Blanton

Phone: 620-257-3797


The purpose of the Public Works Department is to promote and oversee the construction and maintenance of the City's infrastructure.

The Lyons Utilities Department is responsible for the operations and maintenance of lines and equipment necessary for the water and waste water systems. Operation of the City-owned natural gas distribution is handled through a contract with Black Hills Energy.

Department personnel maintain maps and records of the collection and distribution systems, and are in the process of updating these records to reflect changes and upgrades. They are also involved in ongoing training programs to keep the system in compliance with the latest Federal and State regulations and how they affect day-to-day operation.

Continual investment in utility infrastructure allows residents to enjoy high-quality domestic water, and efficient disposal of waste water. Each of the distribution systems have in excess of 35 miles of buried pipe, which traverse the city.



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