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Police Department

Justin HollidayChief of Police
Justin Holliday

Phone: 620-257-2355
Emergency: 911

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The Lyons Police Department has moved to the following location:
 1344 West Main, Lyons KS

The Lyons Police Department (LPD) is committed to providing public safety and quality services to the residents of the community 24 hours a day. Its mission is to help maintain the quality of life that makes our city one of the best in the nation.

The LPD focuses primarily upon crime intervention and prevention programs. Officers of the LPD are active participants and partners with other law enforcement agencies, the school district, local businesses and civic organizations throughout our area and the nation.

In addition to its law enforcement functions, the LPD maintains operational control of other personnel who provide important services for the City.

The Lyons Police Department is comprised of 7 full-time sworn police officers and 1 part-time officer that cover the residential and commercial areas around our City, including major interstate and state highways. In addition there are 4 seasonal school crossing guards working through the City of Lyons Police Department.

Animal Control
Animal Control Services falls under the operational control of the Chief of Police. The City's Animal Control staff is charged with impounding stray, abandoned, abused, dangerous, or injured animals, as well as any animal found in violation of city ordinance. All domestic animals taken into custody by Animal Control will be delivered to the Lyons Veterinary Clinic. Fees for redemption of animals will be paid at the City Hall, and owners must present a fee receipt to recover an impounded animal.

Animal Control is a contracted service provided by Micah Crider. The new operational measures developed by the Police Department have been instrumental in the control of loose animals within the City of Lyons.

School Crossing Guards
The Police Chief maintains operational control over 'school crossing guards'. Every year a new contract is implemented and the Police Chief monitors operation of the four school crossing guards. Costs of crossing guards are divided evenly between the School District and the City of Lyons. The crossing guard help keep the young people of the community safe when traveling to and from the education centers. Funding for the crossing guards is a joint project of the City of Lyons and USD 405, but daily operations of the staff are managed by the Chief of Police.

The main goal of the Lyons Police Department is to create and maintain a safe, secure environment for all Lyons citizens. We strive to accomplish this goal through proactive community programs designed to prevent crime as well as efficient, thorough investigations of crimes committed.

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