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Inner Background

Court Clerk

The clerk issues all processes of the court (complaints, warrants, subpoenas, etc.), administers oaths, files and preserves all papers, docket cases, and sets the same for trial. In addition, the clerk performs other acts necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the court. The clerk accounts for all fines paid and bonds forfeited, and pay the same to the City Clerk.

The court clerk duties are as follows:
  • Process Complaints, Traffic Tickets and N.T.A.
  • Process Warrants
  • Docket Cases for Trial and Arraignment
  • Handle Disposition of Cases
  • Process Diversion Agreements
  • Holding and Processing Trials
  • Process Motions
  • Process Sentencing and Penalties
  • Process Appeals to the District Court
  • Process Expungements
  • Process Appointments of Counsel for Indigents
  • Assure Right to Speedy Trial
  • Provide for Fines and Fees on Traffic Infractions
  • Process Infractions that Fail to Appear
  • Process Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs
  • Handle other administration duties such as docketing, accounting, reinstatement and education fund fees
  • Amendment of Court Records
  • Process Reports to State Agencies

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