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Inner Background

Cemetery Department

Martin Hartle
Cemetery Sexton

Martin Hartle

Phone: 620-257-3981

The Cemetery Department is responsible for the following duties:
Burial Services

Includes digging and back-filling graves, coordinating and managing burials, ceremonies, and special events conducted at the Lyons Municipal Cemetery. Burial Services provided Monday through Saturday except for Holidays.

Record and Data Keeping
Burial records, lots sold, and monument settings are maintained at the Cemetery as well as City Hall. Accurately maintained records & data are a must for proper cemetery operations.

Selling Lots and Fund Collections
The Cemetery Sexton is a bonded employee and collects funds from lots sold and services provided.

Facilities and Grounds Maintenance
Cutting the grass and trimming around headstones. Trimming bushes and trees. Also includes cleaning and maintaining buildings for public use.

Visitor assistance, and funeral procession escorts


The Cemetery Department has 2 full-time personnel and 2 seasonal part-time personnel.

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