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Inner Background

City Administrator

Chad Buckley
City Administrator
Chad Buckley
Phone: 620-257-2320

Chad Buckley, is the City Administrator of Lyons, KS and enthusiastic about his new role.  Chad Buckley has an in depth knowledge of utilities and new development.

It is the City Administrator's job is to make sure the policy decisions made by the City Council are carried out and that public services are delivered efficiently and effectively. 

The City Administrator is responsible for:
Making recommendations to the Council, which the Council may accept, reject, or modify
Implementing any action taken by the Council
Making budget recommendations to the City Council
Overseeing nearly all aspects of City Administration

The City Administrator's office is comprised of 4 full time personnel. 

The Organizational structure for the City Administrator's office is as follows:
City Administrator: Chad Buckley
Community Development Coordinator: 
Administrative Assistant/ Human Resources/ Payroll: Sandy Taverner
City Inspector: Brandon Cantrell

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