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Grant Oppurtunities

Home and CDBG grants

        During the past 6 years the City of Lyons has received over $1,200,000 in housing rehabilitation home grants and more than 65 residents in our community have received home repairs in excess of $15,000 at no costs to them or to the City of Lyons. The City has numerous applications on file with a Grant Administrator to receive housing rehabilitation grants from the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation for Low to Moderate Income Home Owners in the City of Lyons. Residents must qualify to be awarded a grant so please contact City Hall to pick up an application or to obtain information relative to this program.

Funding for these programs are obtained from state and federal grant programs and the City of Lyons participating expenses. The HOME Rental Development Program is funded through the Federal HOME Investment Partnerships program and is in place to assist communities and developers with increasing the supply of affordable rental housing. City of Lyons participating expenses for HOME and CDBG Grants are sales tax exemptions, and include anything from replacement of water or gas meters, curbing, sidewalk and driveways to waiver of fees such as building or electrical permits. The program also provides moderate rehabilitation of homes, including such items as roofs, siding, plumbing, electrical, heating, foundation, and other repairs. The goal of the program is to add 20 years of useful life to the home with no cost to the resident for the home improvement.

Such programs help contractors and businesses in the community as well as the homeowners filing for the grants. We are currently applying for 2013 grant funds and the City of Lyons needs more applicants to keep the program running. If you are a homeowner and are interested in this program, stop by the Community Development Coordinator’s office in City Hall.

Update: Congress has cut funding for the HOME program by almost 50% and KHRC can no longer support all 3 HOME programs. Because of this, the Homeowner Rehabilitation Program has been discontinued for 2012 and future years. KHRC will honor existing HOME Homeowner Rehabilitation awards but this decision to cut the program will severely affect the ability of Lyons to assist low income hone owners to make necessary repairs in the future.

KHRC is committed to reinstating the program should the HOME Program's funding be restored. Your voice in this matter could make the difference. Please advocate for the HOME program. ONe of several organizations working to preserve funding for affordable housing is the National Council of State Housing Agencies ( Please support the HOME grant Homeowner Rehabilitation Program.

 2016 Income Guidelines
 1 person household  $32,900
 2 person household  $37,600
 3 person household  $42,300
 4 person household
 5 person household  $50,750
 6 person household  $54,500
 7 person household  $58,250
 8 person household  $62,000

Are you looking for a new home?

       The City of Lyons has applied for a KHRC Moderate Income Housing Grant in order to construct 4 new homes in the Quivira Heights Housing development. Lots for these homes are available on South Bell and South Workman Avenues. 

You would have your choice of lot as well as a choice between our architect approved designs. They are 3 bedroom homes furnished with energy efficient appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc.). If you qualify for a home, you can recieve a $30,000 grant as well as a $10,000 zero interest loan from the city. The only requirement is that you meet the moderate income requirement and qualify for a $120,000 loan from Lyons Federal (we can help you fill out your applications).

If you are interested in this one time opportunity or would like more details contact the Community Development Coordinator, Audree Aguilera at 620-257-2320, or visit her office at City Hall.