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Public Information and Communications
Bike Tags

The City of Lyons Police department issues bicycle tags for registered bikes. If your bike is registered, a stolen bike can be identified by the registration tag.

To further protect your bike from theft you should:
  • Record the serial number of your bike.
  • Never leave your bike unattended or unlocked.
  • Use sturdy U-Locks or heavy, case-hardened chains to lock your bike.
  • Lock your bike on a bike rack. Most stolen bikes were never even locked up!
  • If you’re really concerned about theft, carry your front wheel with you after you park your bike. Who’d steal a one-wheeled bike?
  • While you’re at it, take your accessories. Those gel pad seats are a hot commodity!
  • Keep your bike locked in your room when you’re not riding it
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Be sure your bike has a front light and reflectors to meet the state law for riding at night.

VIN and Title Inspections

Statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation indicate that nearly 1.2 million vehicles, costing more than $7.5 billion dollars, are stolen nationwide each year. More than 30 percent of these stolen vehicles are never recovered.

To protect consumers, discourage auto theft, and prevent the trafficking of stolen auto parts, the Motor Vehicle Enforcement (MVE) program conducts inspections on certain vehicles before they receive a Kansas title and registration.

If you purchase a vehicle form out of state it is important to get your Vehicle Identification Number and Title inspected so you can avoid potential legal issues involved with purchasing a stolen vehicle.

Click it or Ticket

The Lyons Police Department will be out on special patrols enforcing traffic laws with special attention to safety belts and child restraints.

This is a public notice to help reach Kansas motorists who are at risk by ignoring state safety belt and child restraint laws

Buckle up - Its the Law